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The DevelopHer program

Launch your career in software development

At MYOB, we truly believe in workforce diversity. Our DevelopHer program is offering paid scholarships to women, and those who identify as female, who are changing careers or looking to re-enter the workforce.

Take the leap into software engineering and learn from our world-class program. Best of all? There's no experience necessary - and we will employ you full-time.


No experience necessary

Our program is designed for people who don't have a technical background, supported by our software mentors and formal training. All we need from you is your passion and genuine curiosity for technology.


A full-time opportunity

At MYOB, we know the unknown can be daunting. That's why we offer you a full-time position from the moment you accept your DevelopHer scholarship. You get full support from our software mentors and formal training.

Get your career in software engineering started today

Future Makers Academy
Future makers from Melbourne and Sydney

Why the Future Makers Academy?

The Future Makers Academy is our 'graduate' program. It's all about bringing people from diverse backgrounds together to create great software. It provides a solid foundation to those taking the first steps in their software development career. 

Future makers conference attendees

What to expect

Our mentors are the lifeblood of the academy, when you join the Future Makers Academy you are placed under the guidance of one or more mentors who are experienced practitioners in your field.

Under their guidance, you will work through a series of increasingly complex problems aimed at identifying and stretching your core skills. Team Rotations will follow with a series of 3-6 month periods spent in different delivery teams working on different parts of our platform.

Graduate Program Day 3

Intake periods

We have two intakes a year (February and July) in three locations:

  • Melbourne
  • Sydney
  • Auckland
Protégé Experiences

Our culture at MYOB is fun, innovative, diverse and collaborative. We love to learn and apply what we learn. We also value having a flexible place to work where you can be yourself. Don't just take our word for it - check out our Protégé stories on these graduate job sites.

Samaa Kanani studied a Master of Laws and completed her Diploma of Information Technology through MYOB’s Developher program and is a Protégé Developer at MYOB.

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Cindy Cai completed her Computer Science Degree at Auckland University of Technology before embarking on her journey to become a Protégé Developer at MYOB.

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Michael Lumley completed a master of Software Engineering at the University of Melbourne, ‘After I completed university, I wanted to gain real world experience and MYOB’s Future Makers Academy has given me that opportunity.

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Gain real-world experience through MYOB's Future Makers

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